Rapid @Work

Rapid allows companies to offer their employees the ability to request a Rapid Ride and bill the company direct.


Rapid@Work makes managing employee travel easy. With centralized billing and real-time data your life just got easier.

Employees use the Rapid app on their phone to request transportation. Selecting the Business payment method. All billing and payments are handled through the @Work system and sent to the company.

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Centralized Billing

Get one easy to read invoice for all employee travel. With tagged dates and events you can easily place expenses for each employee to a specific trip or event.

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Real-Time Digital Receipts

Know up to the minute what is being spent on travel and where your employees are traveling.

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Group deparments, events or dates. Our grouping tool allows easy management of staff at tradeshows, conferences or busniess trips.

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Increased Safety

Your employees don't have to carry as much cash with them since everything is done digitally. This provides a safer enviroment for them to travel.

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Employee Limits

You can set limits based on specific employees, dapartments or trips. Limits can be set on the amount charged per trip or vehicle type allowed. You can even control what time employees can use "the company card".

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Easy Account Management

Our real-time system allows management from anywhere, even your phone. This makes approving, adding or updating employees on the fly very simple. You could even do it from home.

How to use Rapid @Work

Download. Enter Destination. Request. Pickup. Arrive. Rapid is very simple to use.

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Download Rapid

Download the RAPID app for either iOS (apple) or Android smartphones.

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User Accounts

Create your Rapid Rider account. This allows your to access the Rapid platform from your phone.

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Enter your Destination

Enter your destination and confirm your trip information. Then press Request

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A friendly driver will come to your pickup location to pickup you (and anyone that you have riding too)

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You will soon arrive at your destination.

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Rate your experience

Rate your driver on their service to you. Ratings are important and remember your Driver rates you as well. If there is an issue be sure to note that in the comments.

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Tap to Pay

Payment is done within the app. For the safety of you and the driver, please dont use cash to pay your driver. You pay using the credit card you entered when you requested your ride.

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Thats it. With just a few simple taps you can move about when you need to.

Signup to use Rapid

Signup and create your Rider Account.