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We are a group of engineers, designers, marketers and support staff that are striving to provide cuttining edge ideas and technology in a simple to use manner.

Our History

Our Leadership

Rebekah Mortensen

Chief Executive Officer

Rebekah was the one stuck in the train station after narrowly missing a pickup just seconds before. When you are stuck, that is when ideas are born. Rebekah has lead multiple companies of various sizes to fast growth and systainablity. Her open door policy allows anyone to send in ideas, comments or even complaints. With a simple to use mentality, this keeps Rapid focused and available to many different people.

Vince DiNatale

Policy and Branding

Vince has led teams in Coroprate Communications and Branding for companies generating revenues over 100 millions dollars annually. He has led the way in social media and the fast paced digital culture that we have today.

Samantha Hernandez

Director of Driver Development

A California native Samantha has traveled the world. Growing up in Japan after having her father stationed there allowed her to get some of the most advanced driving classes available. She has also worked in Human Resources and Customer Service.

Ethan Gibbs

Director of Mobile Management

Aaron Stone

Director of Product Development


We sponsor various events and sports teams. If you are looking for sponsorship by Rapid please note that all sponsorships must be made in writing. You can email: sponsorships@riderapid.com

Our Culture

Rapid is a mix of theme parks and study classes. We try to have an easy, open enviroment. We allow our staff to customize their projects and their workspace. Because we depend heavily on time, there are also deadlines that we have to meet. We look for staff that appriciate the fast paced enviroment and the robust platforms and software that we build and maintain.

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Rapid, Inc
500 La Terraza Blvd, Suite 150
Escondido, CA 92025
United States of America

Tel: +1.760.888.6420
Fax: +1.760.888.6421

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