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Having some trouble or need some assistance? We are here to help you with the Rapid platform.

Rider Support

don't worry we can help.

Need Emergency Support? Please dial your emergency support phone number. (in the US it is 911)

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How do I download the app

Currently the Rapid app is available for iOS (Apple) and Android devices only.
You can find the app in each store/marketplace by searching Rapid. If you are viewing this on a mobile device you can also click here

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My driver hasn't arrived and didn't return my call or text.

If you have tried contact your driver through the app and there has been no response and it is well past your estimated arrival time, please cancel the trip and request again.

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I don't recognize a charge on my statement from Rapid.

If you don't recongnize a charge from Rapid, please double check your trip history. If you don't see anything related to that charge please contact us to resolve it for you.

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Why is there a charge on my card, but I haven't taken or completed a ride.

You may see an authorization placed when you add a new credit card to your account. While the amount charged is low it may still catch your off guard. However this is only an authorization to verify your card and to ensure the safety of your card. The authorization will fall off your statement soon and you will not be charged for that security check.

Driver Support

Being a Rapid Driver requires you to be safe, clean and friendly.

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How do I get into Driver mode?

Open the app on your smartphone and click on the menu icon in the upper right and click start driving.

If you were a Rapid driver before:
If it says not active: please e-mail:
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My phone is frozen

If your phone is frozen please restart your phone. If it is just the app that is frozen shutdown the app.

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I had a passenger who made a mess in my car.

If a passenger made a mess in your vehicle above what you may expect from a passenger. (such as excess trash, vomit or stains) please take pictures and let us know immediately. You can e-mail

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I don't see a trip in my trip history.

While we try to provide real-time data sometimes there may be a slight delay in data showing in your trip history. If however it has been a while and you still do not see the trip showing in your history please contact us.

General Support

Are you not a Rider or a Driver?