ToGo Gateway

Restaurant gateway systems for POS Interaction

What is ToGo?

ToGo allows restaurants and retail stores to arrange pickups on the RAPID Network. A restaurant can also automatically receive driver dispatch requests from the hungr network directly to their restaurant and POS. Through a gateway device and hardware restaurants recieve in real-time hungr online and mobile orders info, driver tracking and completion notices. hungr allows customers to order "To Go" food from your restaurant and get the food delivered directly to them.

How it works

Hungry just open the hungr app, choose your restaurant and order your favorite items.

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open hungr on your mobile device

download hungr on your mobile device.
If your favorite restaurant isn't listed, ask them to get hungr.

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Choose your restaurant

Choose from a list of restaurants that are close by or search for your favorite restaurant.

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Choose the food items you would like

Choose from a wide selection of available menu items and customize as needed.

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Confirm the information and Request Pickup

Simply Confirm your order and hit Order Now.

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Driver Notified

When your food is ready for pickup a driver will be sent to bring your order to you.

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Soon your order will be delivered. Remeber to rate your driver and if you would like to add on a tip you may.

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Your Done.

That's it. It is simple to use on-demand delivery when and where you need it.


Deliveries starts at just $3.00 plus your food cost.

Most same-day deliveries average just $6.00.


Want to make your restaurant available on hungr?

It is easy for restaurants join the hungr platform. Restaurants recieve the full value of the food order minus a small percentage. Expand your reach and make it easier for your customers to enjoy your food.


Want to make your retail available for RAPID on-demand pickups?

It is easy to request pickups by simply entering the customer information on the ToGo app. A driver will be sent to pickup the item and drop it off at the customers location. Now you can offer same day delivery.

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